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Default Re: Non Self Harm Calendar!

Originally Posted by electric7rocker View Post
so close today......
but you made it right rowan?

Originally Posted by SoCalledSlut View Post
Day number 22! Woop woop.

I went into my self-harming mind over the past few days due to problems at home and bordem* but I managed to override my thoughts, kinda. I eventually tried to make myself throw up after a rather small binge, after the stomache acids appeared, I realised what I was doing and stopped then cried...

*Since tuesday, I've had no television or Internet! My life is based on these two entertainments and I have had nothing to do, 'cause I don't have many friends. gots to find things to do for bordom! lol Keep going. thats over three weeks

Originally Posted by Sapphire_Flames View Post
VT turned me lesbo acid wankers wtf.
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