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Default Chrisitanity is a false religion; It is there to enslave you

the actual truth is, I agree with almost everything Jesus said. HE, if he actually existed, was a really important guy, and his ideas were powerful enough that christianity was running hard against paganism in Rome.

So, even though Constantine was a life-long pagan, he pulled the greatest marketing stunt in history: he combined pagan symbolism with christian lore and made the modern version of christianity, then made it the official state religion.

In one fell swoop, the christians were happy and considered constantine a christian hero, and the pagans were happy because they didn't give a shit about the details, just that all the same traditions were there.

But, in the end, people don't die and come back to life, they don't walk on water, and they don't give birth to babies without having sex. Therefore, since modern christianity rests on the (to me) silly idea that jesus christ rose from the dead and died for our sins... no... i'm not a christian.

I have indeed read the whole bible. Even though my church (greek orthodox) never asked me to, and they only centered on what they considered the important bits (most denominations do that, ie we never discussed revelations).

However, I did read it because I wanted to know the whole thing. And what I found was that if this yahweh dude did exist, he was an asshole. Killing innocent first-borns, flooding entire planets, raining fire and brimstone... i mean damn!

Then, as you get into the new testament, you find that he's changed his mind and decided to save us all simply by asking us to believe that his only begotten son died for our sins. Of course, if you don't believe that, you fall into a pit of fiery hell for all eternity... supposedly out of god's control, of course, even though he created and retains control of the entire universe - interesting how that works.

Of course, just reading the bible, to me, isn't enough justification to believe in christianity. I think tha tto really understand it, you have to read studies of the history behind the whole thing as well. I'd recommend "a history of god" by karen armstrong and "the jesus mysteries" by timothy freke and peter gandy

by the way, i'd recommend studying the stories of attis, osiris/dionysis, and especially mythra. You'll find that they share some SHOCKING similarities to the story of jesus

plus, they all came before

also, read genesis and you'll see that there are two very different creation stories, now known to be written by more than one person, and god refers to itself as "we" several times

then, read matthew, mark, luke, and john and see that they have differing stories. For instance, jesus is said to have been of the line of king david, right? and this is proven in I believe two different books, wherein two different lineages tie david to joseph

but... joseph isn't jesus' father! remember? that whole virgin birth thing?
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