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Im stuck in this spiderweb.
Dear dad,
You were a great guy.
How those times have seemed to pass on by.
The only call ive heard from you,
You just sounded like a bastard.
You made such a mess at home.
It made mom and I feel so alone.
Its like you forgot about us.
Your lust has control of you.
You disgusting pervert!
Come back!
Im going to smash all those frames to pieces.
Going to shatter them until glass is our new tiles for the floor,
So mom wont have to buy a new one.

You left us here, tangled up in this spiderweb.
Promise to come and fetch us.
If i meant so much to you then why arent you here by my side.
Drying every single tear that ive cried.
Your a little behind.
All those kisses and hugs didnt mean a thing.
I hope you come back for your son.
I wish you gave a damn to do that for me.
I am tangled.
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