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Originally Posted by Col.Snoopy View Post
Is it pretty addiction-forming? If so, how would somebody go about effectively fighting this?
According to Wikipedia:
Addiction is a state characterized by compulsive engagement in rewarding stimuli, despite adverse consequences.
In that context addicition usually applies to such things as smoking, taking illegal drugs, being alcoholic or compulsive betting or gambling which, despite being rewarding in the short term, cause long term harm.

For the most part masturbation is not like that. It's fun at the time and for most people actually has long term advantages in that they are comfortable with their bodies and their sexual selves, less likely to engage in risky or illegal sexual behaviour and less likely to get prostate cancer.

The ony time there is a problem is when there are other important things in your life such as school or work or having a social life which don't happen because you spend the time masturbating instead. This is pretty rare, though. Many guys find that masturbating regularly means they are better able to concentrate on some of those other things.
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