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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

She lay on the earth in the meadow, her naked form basking in the pale morning light. She felt content, feeling the cold droplets of dew on the grass chilling her warm skin. She took a moment to admire her nude body, the voluptuous curves that would drive any male mad glowing in the sun. Glad to be rid of her coverings as a cool breeze rippled across her body raising goosebumps. She gazed over at him, a handsome man, the farmers younger son. It had been her first time, and she had trembled with anxious anticipation as he reached out his calloused hands to her body. She recalled his eager hands, seemingly filled with the inexperience and vigour of youth take hold of her in a confident and well practised manner. She had relaxed, realising he knew how to handle her body. He had been slow, gentle and patient and she had enjoyed every minute of it.

Molly the sheep couldnt wait til next shearing season

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