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Originally Posted by addikt7
ps: going back to that thought about that there are way more circumcised penis drawings and pictures, why is that? we uncircumcised boys need to represent! haha
You're welcome!

The reason that you see more diagrams or pictures of circumcised penises is so that you can see all of the structures that are under the foreskin (frenulum, glans penis, meatus, corona, inner foreskin, etc)
Now the reason I say frenulum and inner foreskin is because some styles of circumcision keep the frenulum or inner foreskin. Also, sometimes, the diagrams aren't of circumcised penises, but uncircumcised penises with the foreskin retracted, so you can see the structures.

Also, in the U.S., there is a huge percentage of men that are circumcised, so that may be another reason.

And lastly, maybe one reason it was so hard for you to find the answer to your question online is because the frenular artery isn't talked about that much and isn't really as major other parts of the penis: glans, corona, meatus, foreskin, inner foreskin, etc, so it would be harder to come across a diagram that shows or mentions the artery. I found it during a index of circumcision terms and it said that the frenular artery causes hemorrhage at circumcision because it is cut. So yeah
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