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Hey want to share this because i got caught . I have cut in the pass but this one was serious then the last because i have scars now on my upper shoulder. Here is my story i worked after school but i had a rough night at work and rough day at school so grab my knife and started cutting to song by red hot chili peppers : soul to squeeze and cut over and over and over mor then 20 times. I wore my longsleve paint ball shit but the cuts still bleed because it was like 3 in the moring when i did it and then at school in my american sign langauge class 2 i asked to go to the bathroom because i wanted to see if they were bleeding which they were still. Nvere got caught until the scab over that weekend and i had another bad so i grab my knife that sunday late around 2 am and started to cut on top of them and slice way the scab which the healed around tuesday. THEn i went to school wednseday and toild one of my friends what happen and she turned me. My Basic skill teacher that i had my 9th garde cam and got me from the library and went to the secuirty office where the door was closed and i was shaking because i had feeling what it was about and he told me that heard people talk about me cutting and i didn't say anything untilk he asked if i had marks and then i got tears and my eyes and showed my upper arm and he lsaid this iisn't you why and and all the questions and i explain what happen and that i was scaered and i got my stuff search and everything because they wanted to make sure that i din't have my knife but i din't i told the turth that i threw it because i want to stop. I want help and they told me that it could be reported but because it was my first time of them hearing about it they were like look we are going to talk to your parents but before we call we want you to explain what happen and be honest and we will call aroun 3:40pm -4:00 and because i had club meeting and then they told me after the club meeting go home. Which i id i told my friend what happen and he understand. Becuase of it I will be senior this year and the school will be watching more closely plus i quite because i couldn't deal with school and job at the same time. So i told my parents and everything i didn't get punish because the scars were my punishment and pllus i had to go to thearapy which has help but now i have scar and i have cut since becuse i remeber the marks on my arm. so the school told me if i get stop to see how i'm doing be honest and they will listen and not blow me off plus they know i'm going to be senior so they told me not screw up because i'm 18 they can kick me out but this is making me work on not cutting plus a rubber helps if i get urge because it flick it but it helps because i not causing harm but it gets me not to do it .

I hope this helps people that cut to quite i have not cut for 3months and its going to contuine where i don't cut.
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