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haven't been here for long but from what i see having a counselor isn't bad in any way it only puts in good things... it's not like the counselor has an advantage over everyone... some people may like having the comfort in seeing that there is a counselor that they could go to anonymously... some people may not want to talk about their problems in front of everyone so pm the counselor. to me it could make things more "official" he did say he took the psycology classes that just makes things more ''official''. also, some people may feel overwhelmed by all of the other people and shy so they'll just start with talking to the counselor...
but, if someone would be interested in being a counselor than maybe it should change off every year or so...? i'm assuming the reason someone brought this up was because they wanted the position...?
i don't understand why it bothers people to have a counselor when it doesn't have any advantages over anyone it seems to me like it's just there as a plus.
just my opinion...
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