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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Answers to the last bunch of questions:

1) No one knows what God's perspective on masturbation is, regardless of what religion you are. He didn't write the Bible, you're on your own with this. But, everyone masturbates, it's a normal biological drive. No one gets hurt, it reduces stress, it feels good. And you should ask yourself if you see your God as one who would torture you by giving you powerful urges and no way to relieve them without burning in Hell for all eternity.

2) If your teacher turns you on, you should try to keep that to yourself. Touching your penis in class is really flirting with real disaster. Likewise is going to the bathroom to masturbate. Remember you're in school and eventually you'll get caught and the consequences will be beyond humiliating. Distract yourself, and save it for when you get home. Exercise some self control.

3) The best treatment for friction burn is to adjust your grip and use a less aggressive technique. If you've got it, apply a little Vaseline JELLY (not the lotion) for a few days, and either leave it alone, or be sure to not rub that part until it heals.
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