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oh my God...AcrossFiveAprils you asshole! WTF IS YOUR PROBLEM!? How dare you say something like that to him! You have NO idea what he goes through and you have no right to say anything! Feel lucky I don't know where you are or I'd come over there and slap your happy ass down you half humped whore! How DARE you call him a baby...I can't believe anyone would actually say that! Chrono is nothing but nice to everyone here, but the chances of him ever being nice to you have been screwed straight to hell. You have the sensitivity of a damp sponge and you're prolly just pissy cause you're not getting some!! what then, bitch!? You've not only pissed Chrono off, but you've pissed me off. Good job!

Stewie: You know it\'s awfully dangerous for me to be walking around the mall at my height? I say, let me get on your back.
Brian: Oh for God sake.
Stewie: Strong with the force young Skywalker is.
Brian: God, I don\'t believe this.
Stewie: That is why you fail.

\"Nobody\'s perfect and I stand accused.\"
~Jesus of Suburbia: Dearly Beloved by Green Day

\"Can\'t you see that you\'re smoothering me?
Holding too tightly,
Afraid to lose control.
Cause everything that you thought I would be,
Has fallen apart right in front of you.\"
~Numb by Link Park
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