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Default Re: The New Diary Request Forum

Originally Posted by NSoKShannon View Post
May I have a diary called "The Dark Alley" where the description is "Where street smarts are the only thing that matters."
EDIT: I would be the one and only owner
Originally Posted by ImagineRepublicCity View Post
Hmm...I'm kinda interested in making a diary now...
Title: A Female Gamer's Hideout
Description: Gamer Girls? There's a difference, trust me.
Originally Posted by vboy View Post
if its not too much trouble i would like a diary please

Title: Vboys house
description: your welcome to enter just wipe your feet
Originally Posted by wow560 View Post
Ok my first diary was full of stupidity I want to start a new fresh one.

My diary would be like this

Description: Discuss your manga, game, or music here!
Mods: Me for now
Originally Posted by marb121 View Post
Well, I don't mind waiting if there's n9 free spot, so gonna make one.

Name: Unicorn Kitty's Lair of Doom.
Description: for those who are tired of making sense or people who are just extremely bored.
Moderated by...hmmm....lemme guess, me!
My biggest apologies for the long delay in this. If you are still interested, let me know and it'll be up for you right away.

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