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Red face Is my best friend bi too?

yo,:p I have been bi curious for 2 years now and i am pretty sure that i am bi. I like guys and girls alot. I have even messed around with two of my close friends. One is my best friend both straight plus another dude who is kinda a friend. My best friend who is 17 and i have been messing around for 2 years now. Unlike me he has never really talked about liking other guys or other then me showing him watched gay or bi porn. We jo each other and 69 once or twice a week. he has a gf so he spends a lot of time hanging with her. When we are messing around he seems to really like it but says he is straight and only likes doing stuff with me because we are best friends and he feels comfortable with me. Is he bi and in denial or is he straight and just like he says comfortable with just me and doesn't like guys>
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