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Default Re: How did you notice/bring it up?

Originally Posted by Horatio Nelson View Post
This is me exactly. I've pretty much just come to terms with the fact that I have OCD despite never being diagnosed.

I wash my hands so much I always have dry skin, and I can never use hand towels, because I know other people use them. So instead I use paper towels. I have a few other OCD quirks too, like quadruple checking locks, thinking that car driving past is gonna shoot me, and other wired shit that I try to ignore. It's kind of hard for me to pinpoint a lot of weird stuff I do, because I'm so used to it, but I'm sure if someone else watched me they'd think I was crazy. I also am always worried I'm gonna lose my wallet or my phone, I constantly check my pockets.

I don't know what a doctor could do? Plus I'll never talk to one about it, last thing I need is people thinking I have some mental illness.

Writing this has made me extremely self conscious.
Don't be self-conscious. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Pretty much everyone knows I'm mentally ill because I'm pretty open about it. It's just... eh, when new issues come up or things I've never talked about get worse, I always get worried about sharing them.

My doctor would probably start trying to put me in therapy or do some of it with me herself. She already has me on the same medications that should help with this stuff so I'm not sure why this is acting up so bad.

I have no idea how to bring it up, even with an appointment fairly soon, I think.
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