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Default Re: How did you notice/bring it up?

This is me exactly. I've pretty much just come to terms with the fact that I have OCD despite never being diagnosed.

I wash my hands so much I always have dry skin, and I can never use hand towels, because I know other people use them. So instead I use paper towels. I have a few other OCD quirks too, like quadruple checking locks, thinking that car driving past is gonna shoot me, and other wired shit that I try to ignore. It's kind of hard for me to pinpoint a lot of weird stuff I do, because I'm so used to it, but I'm sure if someone else watched me they'd think I was crazy. I also am always worried I'm gonna lose my wallet or my phone, I constantly check my pockets.

I don't know what a doctor could do? Plus I'll never talk to one about it, last thing I need is people thinking I have some mental illness.

Writing this has made me extremely self conscious.

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