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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

Originally Posted by fourseasons View Post
i heard this joke in church today from the preacher. it was so bad i laughed.

there were 2 pastors in the middle of a road holding signs that said "the end is near, turn back!" one driver got rather annoyed that the pastors were holding up these signs and pulled up next to them and said "stop preaching your crap to me!" he then drove off past them. all of a sudden there was huge screech of tyres and a splash. then one pastor turned to the other and said "i told you we should have simply put bridge closed, turn back."
lol funny

well i got this joke from a text

i loved sucking on it

it was so long

it tasted so good

i love i licking it

i loved playing with it

i loved it when it was wet

damn i wish i didn't drop my ice cream pop

though bad didn't you
well thats all of the text =p

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