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Originally Posted by EpicToast View Post
I need a little advice...

Well, I'm 13, and I didn't really discover masturbating 'til a a week or two ago... I did a lil' research on it last night, and I've found out about what's normal and all. And I've read a few articles and I dunno what to believe.

See, I'm Christian. The Bible gives absolutely NO sides on masturbating, but it says not to lust... I suppose mastubating would be lust, in a way...? But then again, it's a natural thing that teens do... Some Christians think it's okay. Some don't. Other unidentified people say it's completely natural and healthy. I dunno what to believe... Should I masturbate? I get the urge, and then I have to struggle on deciding to do it or not... I end up doing it, then feeling guilty, then telling myself I just won't do it again, then I end up doing it again. >_<

If I only I could just up and ask my Dad, or my friends, or something...

*Sigh* This is so new and confusing. I didn't go to bed last night, it barely even feels real... O_o Am I dreaming?

So... Just some advice, please?
well im christian to and its ok to jack off. it even helps to prevent prostate cancer!!! so yeah it is ok. i started jackin off a yr ago and i felt weird about at the first time but it goes away. all you need to make sure is that you dont get caught. dont get caught and im sure youll have a good jackin life

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