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It might be helpful to define a few terms for guys.

1) Orgasm=the rthymic contractions of that little (wonderful!) muscle between the scrotum and anus.

2) 'Pre cum'=that misleading little term to differentiate the stuff that comes out before orgasm from the stuff that comes out during orgasm/ejaculation. It's misleading because the stuff in it is basically the same, the only difference is the amount. As an FYI, there are gazillions of sperm in 'pre cum'.

3) Ejaculation=the spurting/dribbling of semen during orgasm (=the rhythmic contraction of 'that' muscle between the scrotum and anus).

8) Whatever size you are now, you can expect to be about 6" when your fully grown, when puberty ends around 20. There is nothing to do about this but wait.

10) Good girls don't care whatsoever about your penis, what it looks like, what size it is, if it's with foreskin or not. The great thing about love is that it truly is blind. Mercifully, girls are more tolerant of us than we are of ourselves, they actually love us with all our insecurities. If you find one who doesn't, rush out the door.

Dear Iamsam:
I have to respectfully correct you on some of your information above.

1. Orgasm. Between the scrotum and anus there is only skin, called the perineum. The scrotum and anus are located on the external part of the body. There is no muscle between them only the skin area I just mentioned. Inside the perineum is where the prostate is located. It does not contract during orgasm, but the anus or sphincter does.

2. Precum, which technically is pre-ejaculate, is primarily produced by the prostate, located inside the body from your perineum, which is why when jacking many guys like to press there because it massages the prostate & causes increased pleasure. When entering the anus, it's located about 3" in and toward your navel. It's highly sensitive during sex and can be stimulated by inserting a finger/s or penis or other, which highly stimulates the prostate. Pressing on the prostate firmly will cause precum to drip from the end of your soft or hard penis. Precum is clear, colorless & viscous.

Research has found no or low levels of sperm in precum.

The prostate secretes precum that nourishes and protects sperm. During ejaculation, the prostate squeezes this fluid into the urethra, and itís expelled with sperm as semen. (See WebMD)

3. There is no muscle between the scrotum & anus, only skin. Inside from the perineum is the prostate, which is NOT a muscle but a gland. (WebMD)

8. Technically, the average size for an adult male is between 5 & 6", so let's say 5.5"; but that's "average". Many adults are less than and more than that. I'm more than that. So I don't think it's fair to say that a teen should "expect" to be around 6", when it's very possible to be less or more than that.

Additionally, puberty does not end at 20, it ends sooner than that, 15-17 for girls, 16-17 for boys. See Wikipedia under Puberty.

10. Your answer to this about what "good girls" and I would add "good boys" since there are tons of gay boys here, is perhaps more theoretical & is more "wishful thinking" on the part of many people. If course we'd all like to be loved for who we are, the way we are. But for many people the "reality" is quite different. Many men & women are highly sexual people who place high value on sexual compatibility in a prospective partner. They feel that the sexual component of a relationship is very important, that sexual fulfillment is critical or "a must". If they cannot be fulfilled during sex with a person, the possibility of a serious relationship is impossible. For many of these men & women, the size of the penis is very important. Now they all have different preferences. But whatever these preferences are, these are critical to them in choosing a partner if they are to experience what they consider great sex. Gay guys of this nature generally prefer a guy to be above average size, or 6" or more. Women are the same. Some of these men & women want something even bigger.

I'm gay, my grandfather is gay, and I have two close family friends in their mid-30's in a longtime relationship, and they all have told me that based on their experience & from talking with the many, many other gay guys they've known throughout their lives. In my own experience, I've had sex with "a number" of guys, they all have a preference, & I've talked to many gay & bi boys who say the same thing. That's what I've been able to discover.
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