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Default Re: My mom's freaking out!

Originally Posted by Johnny Strange View Post
My mom likes to warn me because of some my moves and uncontrolled habits...
Yesterday she noticed that I have one problem again. I have one strange,,routine''. If I touch one part of the desk with my forefinger, I cannot stand not to touch other parts of the table with my other forefinger...
My mother is nurse, but she can't understand that! It is so irritating, but I don't know what should I do. Is there any advice for me? How I can convince her in normality of that? Or is it better to overcome and,,cure'' it?
Often in people with OCD, 'rituals' or 'routines' are done in order to relieve the anxiety that something bad will happen if they don't act out certain behaviours. Does it distress and cause you anxiety if you aren't able to touch other parts of the table? Do you have other day-to-day routines that you feel you need to go through? If these are the cases then this could be a sign of OCD. I'm not saying it definitely is, but I suggest you talk to a professional about this if you're really worried.

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