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I do drugs because I like them. Weed isn't illegal here if it's for medical use, so I guess my daily smoking doesn't really count as illegal drug use. I do use quite a few other drugs. I like mushrooms, MDMA, and coke for occasional use.

I smoke weed because it lowers my anxiety and there are all sorts of strains that do all sorts of different things, so it can be a lot of fun and is very versatile. I like mushrooms because they make me feel spiritual, give me beautiful visuals, aren't at all addictive, and help expand my mind. I like MDMA because it feels fucking phenomenal, but I take 2 to 3 month breaks as a rule to avoid the neurotoxicity. I use coke when it's around, which is rarely. It's a little underwhelming and is frequently cut with nasty stuff so it's not really something I seek out.

Disclaimer: not condoning drug use. I use drugs as self-medication. It's nowhere near ideal and you guys should steer clear of substances that you aren't using 100% for you and with a clear mind.
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