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Originally Posted by Flex View Post
There are a couple ways you could do this:

1. using a good technique
2. increasing the volume of your semen (cumming more)
3. being more horny

1 - you can search for different techniques. a favorite is "stop and go" - basically you jack off, stop just before you cum, jack off some more, etc, until you're ready to pop it. You have all this buildup and you're just waiting for it.

2 - You could also try to increase the volume of semen. try drinking more water, and eating fruits and veggies (bananas and stuff) because semen is packed with nutrients to nourish sperm, so by eating more fruits and veggies, your body has more nutrients to put towards cum.
+you could also stop jacking off for a few days/week, so you can save more cum for the next time you jack off.

and 3 - try looking at porn or fantisizing, and maybe trying other things to turn you on like playing with your nipples, massaging yourself, etc.

All of these things can build up and make an orgasm so much better! But this all won't happen in a single day. You need to experiment with stuff to see what you like!
Thanks, I plan on trying those suggestions.
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