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Default Re: Contamination fear?

Originally Posted by CELT View Post
Have you tried wearing gloves? If there were roaches or rats in my room, I would like for them to be gone and find out the source and probably not leave food in my room.

I noticed I would leave a bag of trash in my room and I would get pests so I try to not have any type of trash, especially food trash in my room for longer than two days.

Maybe get yourself a bottle or a cup that has a lid for if you drink and set it down, you won't get any extra ingredients in your beverage.
We have weird weather and our house isn't built right, so it's not entirely in the realm of my control

I try not to wear gloves on a constant basis as I feel it's regression. I also try to limit repetitive cleanliness routines. Shorten my showers to bare minimum.

I actually use plastic bags to cover my cups XD

Thanks for replying

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