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Default Contamination fear?

So I SORT OF have OCD (I have not been diagnosed directly, just told I have tendencies)

One of my biggest problems is contamination fear

I'm always afraid to clean my room, or go through stuff because I fear I might find a dead bug/cockroach infestation/mold/etc

I get panic attacks at the sight of bugs

Contaminated food is immediately dumped

I can only drink water from special cups, and I get anxiety if it isn't filtered

Showers never feel helpful, I always feel gross

Everything is kinda nasty, and I just quietly live in misery in my filth because it's too draining and overwhelming to fix

You know how some people who have OCD clean everything a billion times a day? I can't- I'm beyond that

I'd love to, but I can't

Any tips on how to deal with this? I had to deal with a mini maggot infestation today, and I nearly lost it >_<

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