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Default Re: Self Harm Calendar

Hehe. I love Morgan Freeman!

Last year, did you when the urges came did you just try to think of something else or did you go out and do some activity to get your mind off it, writing, talking, art, exercise?

I know for me what helped alot is a part of cutting for me was about control, when I knew that I wanted to cut, I'd get in my car, put a song on repeat that expressed how I felt (I always had mad and sad songs) and I'd just keep driving until the urge was gone. I'd have the windows down, sing along, and going about 90-95 mph just going north. When I was calm enough I'd stop at a rest stop get something to drink and get off at the next exit to come back home. That helped me alot.

But really hun, you just gotta find what works for you, and be patient.

It'll only work until your ready for it to work.

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