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Default Re: Trichotillomania?

I don't have trich, but I do have dermatillomania (skin picking disorder). Hello, fellow person with a BFRB!
You can of course look into getting a wig or two, and there's always things to help cover up noticeable missing hair (if you pull at eyebrows or eyelashes, there's always eyebrow pencils and false lashes). Keeping your hands busy sounds like a good idea - I know there's an Etsy store that sells things to distract people from things like trich, but I can't find it :( Still, something like a fidget ring might be helpful to you.
Check out this post, maybe? I didn't read the entire thing and it's made with dermatillomania in mind, but it seems like it could help. This may also be of use to you. It's a directory of Tumblrs dedicated to BFRB's, and there's a whole section on trich blogs. I hope I helped a bit, and good luck!

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