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Thought it was time I try something "New."

I've been unable to test Vista x64 since Beta 2, a few years ago. I've tested its 32bit counterpart many times, through SP1, and never liked it. Always had issues with various things.

I can say, I was quite suprised. The x64 (64bit) edition of Vista Home Premium is ridiculously better than the 32 bit version, both in preformance and stability. I had issues left and right with the 32bit, and with this, Absolutely zero. The ONLY issue I've had with anything breaking was my own fault, as I found that apparently some Visual Styles for Vista require the replacing of the BrowseUI.dll file, so you need the correct 32 or 64 bit copy of the file, and I found a theme I liked, but it wasn't specific on anything, and it apparently ended up being a 32bit file. So, when I replaced it, Explorer would no longer start. I couldn't fix it in "Normal" mode, due to the fact that it doesn't allow you to change things in the Windows Directory unless you're running in "Admin" Mode. And, apparently, you can't easily start CMD in Admin mode without explorer running.

Rebooting in Safe Mode, and running CMD allowed me to restore the file, and I was fine.

But, otherwise, the Preformance and Stability versus the 32bit version is amazingly different. It's actually something I will probably start using.

It's definately better than the x64 version of XP. Microsoft failed with that. I was getting lags everywhere.

Only issue, is I'd have to actually purchase a license for this... . I'm using the 30 day "Trial" it gives you when you don't put in a key. But, meh.

Either way, I've done a lot of hacking things around and customizing things in it so far, at least in some ways, but here's what I have so far, in the two days I've had it installed:

Windows Vista Home Premium x64 SP1:

I'm using a somewhat different Vista theme, although it looks the same there as the normal. It looks different on some of the colors when you have Explorer windows open.

The wallpaper is just one that I took a week or so ago that I thought looked nice to use for a little while as my background.

The performance Index (Although I don't really consider it a good benchmark) shows 5.9 for everything, except HDD and Gaming Graphics. It has a 5.2 for the HDD (I'm running it as a Test install on a SATA 1 Drive, which is likely why) and the video card shows a 5.7 for a eVGA GeForce 8800GS. The processor itself is a Intel Quad Q6700 Overclocked to 3.33GHz.

- Bill
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