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Originally Posted by magicjack8 View Post
I'm not circumcised, and I find that my foreskin is very tight around the head of my penis. This means that when I try to wash my penis it hurts to pull back the foreskin and when I try to pull my foreskin back (when masturbating) it hurts to the point where I can't pull it back at all.

What should I do?
Well how old are you? By the age of 16-17 the foreskin can automatically peel back without pain....Sometimes the age is lower like for me it was 13.....

17 M Uncut male

Originally Posted by Fallen037 View Post
Urm hi im a 15 year old boy that was told at birth that i had 'too much foreskin' i dont know medical terms im nkt sure how to use this site so sorry. But i was looking for positive helpful and nice commentsto make me more calm and ok with what will innevitably happen soon ? Be honnest with me e.g how much pain/discomfort but nice if possible im quiet worried about going through with this but i have to soon for medical issues ?
Too much foreskin isn't bad actually... You could just pull it back a bit before peeing

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