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the sharks are attacking humans cause these sharks can smell blood for over 4 miles away so dont swim with open wounds

looking like what they eat fish, seal cars for the tiger shark which eats anything which it can get down it throat.

when they are in mating season they go crazy usally the homornes

sick,injured old aged

btw bull sharks are the most dangerous shark ever!!!!!! cause these sharks can survive both in salt and fresh water and can live in cold temepertures and have been found all the way up in the amazon river.

and basically we humans swim by the shore (right?) and there is usally where their prey is ie seals, fish and the less deep it is the easiest to catch isn't it????

btw if you ever get attacked by a shark try to hit its nose very hard because it is the most sensivity part in the shark and usally it will let go.
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