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Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
I think the universe being existence makes it intuitively true that its existence is necessary.
If the universe were necessary, you would be able to show why it would exist, without using how things actually are as a premise.

God is only necessary if we presume a) the universe is unnecessary and b) god is the only thing that can exist as a cause.
See above.

I also think it's intuitively true that the laws of the universe need be as they are.
See above.

Please explain this statement. Thank you.
Nature is as it is because the laws of the universe are as they are. Thus nature cannot be responsible for forming the laws of the universe.

I disputed this. I don't consider the argument providing a grounds where it is necessary that god must act as an ultimate standards.

It is yet to be explained to me why this must be. And I've read the argument.
Which specific part of the argument do you object to?

I will need you to further define "universals" as I don't understand what is meant.
Universals are those things which are universally true, or which are universal concepts.

Presuming he chose the laws.
You accepted this earlier.
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