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Originally Posted by Arkansasguy
This is a rather confusing usage, as there are those who assert that the universe has existed forever, in the sense that time has continued from infinity. I'm glad you agree that this is impossible.
So if a) time started with the formation of the universe so b) the universe has existed 'forever' and c) no time existed before the universe was formed so d) nothing existed before the universe then e) it is intuitively not necessary that the universe have a cause.

Originally Posted by Arkansasguy
The laws of the universe do not follow from first principles, they are not metaphysically necessary.
I don't see why something being unnecessary means it can't have happened.

Originally Posted by Arkansasguy
Because of this, it can be concluded that God is not bound by the laws of the universe, he could change or violate them if he so desired.
I don't get how this must necessarily logically follow.

I would imagine if I was speaking to a Deist I would be getting different answers.

Originally Posted by Arkansasguy
We know he is intelligent, and since he created the universe and possesses omnipotence over it, this necessitates omniscience
How does this 'necessitate' omniscentience?

How also do we know he is of the 'utmost intelligence'?


Just so we are clear I didn't see a response to god not needing be an influential cause but just a cause.

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