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Merry meet; my religious views are totally different now. Okay, so not really... I kinda already thought like an open person and Pagan before. I respect ALL faiths, religions, ideologies, the like, as long as no one is hurt from these beliefs. I do not support forcing religion on children. Teach your kids of your faith and others but let them choose. If God exists, he should be one of love, not this hateful figure Christians throw at you for disagreement. I feel the world is a magickal place, full of life and energy. I "worship" the Earth but not like a Christian worships God. I believe in many gods and invoke powers. So yes, I'm a Witch. I do not curse, that is actually forbidden... Anyway, I believe there is good and evil, maybe a Heaven, maybe not a Hell.

The Devil? Purely Christian concept and at times a Christian image of Baphomet and Pan or the Horned God to Pagans but depicted as evil to reinforce stereotypes. My only gripe to Christianity and faiths like it are their beliefs of being the only way to salvation and the use of cursing on people. I can say more but I won't. Merry Part--Blessed be )O(

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