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Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
If the universe existed forever then we calculate the first moment as having been that directly after the Big Bang.

Because if time started with the universe then there could not have been a time before the universe.
What does the first sentence mean. I agree with the second. Before the universe, time did not exist.

Please explains how it follows that it does. Thank you.
Because if God could create the universe, then he could choose how to create it, then he could change it.

Ok. I don't think you've convinced anyone of the 4th or 5th being necessarily true.

There's also no reason why there couldn't be multiple gods possessing each aforementioned quality as opposed to one possessing them all.
Well, the creating is a form of changing (moving, in scholastic philosophical language). So 1 and 2 must be the same. A thing cannot give what it does not have, so 4 must be the same as the creator, since it possesses perfection belonging to nothing else.
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