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Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
So the universe existed forever.

It's nice when we agree on things.
No, the universe's creation was the beginning of time. If the universe existed forever, then there would have been a moment infinitely long ago. But if that were so, the universe would have never reached now, which is false.

No. It doesn't.
Yes. It does.

I'd appreciate all of them.

I'd also appreciate if it could be demonstrated how they logically must connect.
Omniscience follows from the fifth. Omnibenevolence and omnipresence follow from the fourth.

But we are still not clear on who created the universe. God's just a possibility.

If god created the universe and life arose without divine intervention within (abiogenisis) then do you count that as god creating life?
Let's stick to the main question for this thread.
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