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Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
Presuming we're ignoring the second-line of my response. However the second line is sort of important as it's a rebuttal to the idea itself.
All effects require a cause. The universe could only be cause less if it existed forever, which is false.

If we presume that this cause's power extends beyond being able to create the universe.

If not then it is not omnipotent or holding unlimited power.
What other power is there?

Do these arguments connect back to this argument? Would you mind producing them?
I was referring to the other of the five ways.

Oh. I understand now.

Then it would seem that this argument suffers from the criticism that we're just presuming the cause to be god just like the first two.
It shows that there exists a necessary being.

I have no idea how this presumes the existence of god.

There being an utmost of each descriptor does not infer that the utmost must be god.
Define what you mean by God.

I don't understand how you got this from the argument.

Regardless I don't see the need to presume that god created life from non-life. It seems to be another case where god is just defined as the only possible cause.
God created everything.
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