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[QUOTE=Vlerchan;3024062]It's a presumption that god is the cause. There is no need for the cause to be omnisentient, omnipotent, omnibenevolant, etc., or for the cause to even hold intent. It's just Aquinas confirming his own bias'.

It's also the case that the universe needing a cause is a presumption. The universe is the set of all events. There is no reason to presume that the set holds all the characteristics that its events have even if these characteristics are common across all events.[QUOTE]

The argument shows that there exists something which is the cause of everything else, and that this thing is itself uncaused. The ability to create the universe demonstrates omnipotence. The other characteristics are demonstrated by the other arguments.

Please explain the difference to me. I don't understand. Thank you.
Abiogenesis is a speculation of how non living matter became alive. It doesn't address how matter began to exist.

[Summary:] Varying perfections of varying degrees may be found throughout the universe.
These degrees assume the existence of an ultimate standard of perfection.
Therefore, perfection must have a pinnacle.
This pinnacle is what we call God.
I agree with the first statement.
I agree with the second statement.
I agree with the third statement so long as we accept the pinnacle needn't be constant.
I don't see why the pinnacle needs to be supernatural based.
I think you're confused by the word God. The five ways are not intended to prove that God is the God of Abraham, it's intended to show the existence of an omnipotent, omniscient, etc. creator.

This argument shows that God contains within himself the perfection of all goods.

Please re-word this. I don't understand it. Thank you.
A thing cannot give what it does not have. Non-life cannot create life on its own.
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