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Originally Posted by Vlerchan View Post
People use the argument as proof that god exists.

I'm posing the counter that it's only proof that god might exist.
Then would you please tie together your statements with this counter argument?

The argument proposes that there must be at least one non-contingent being if contingent beings are to exist.

It is impossible for everything in the universe to be contingent, for then there would be a time when nothing existed, and so nothing would exist now, since there would be nothing to bring anything into existence, which is clearly false.
But abiogenisis rejects this notion.
Abiogenesis doesn't address creation of being. It addresses creation of life.

You are the one making the argument.

It's up to you to demonstrate why an ultimate maxim existing is a good assumption.
The argument demonstrates this. Try to refute it.

There doesn't need to be a guide. Natural selection is built into the Evolutionary process.
This is a basic philosophical error. Lesser order cannot spontaneously create higher order.
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