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Default Re: How did you first find out you were gay or bi?

Well, it didn't all come together right away. I was born liking girls, then a bit before privacy I would see attractive guys and think "wow", then puberty started and the though of another guy that was handsome seducing me, would turn me on so much that I would spend hours in my bed, pleasuring myself to the point of falling asleep. This progressed as middle school went on. When I was a freshman in high school, a friend of mine and I started bringing up sex, and then somehow, we dumped our guts and identified ourselves as "bisexual". After dumping our guts, we started discussing the kind of guys we like and
what we'd want to do with them and the fact that we were not interested in
a romantic relationship with a guy. Until I saw this cute guy that i started to
develop a crush on him. Mostly because he's really adorable and seemed sweet. I remember him staring at me very intensely from across the room and when I made eye contact with him he got kinda startled and looked away. Whenever he'd stand behind me, i would feel this vibe coming my way that was so thick. I felt it every time after the eye contact. Then he finally decided to talk to me and he was very cheerful and started making small talk and then he claimed he remembered me from some art club that he made up (I thought it was cute if thats what he was doing). The conversation
a while longer and then the bell rang and then he acted kinda like he fucked up and he was like "talk to you later". I walked out of school that day very happy and thinking about how much i loved his voice and thats when I knew I wanted a relationship with a guy. What does gender matter anyway? As long as two people love each other, who cares? At this point im not even sure i like girls anymore. Im pretty much playing it by ear.
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