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Originally Posted by Jam1817 View Post
uhh guys, this seems kinda embarrassing but,
im 15 1/2, and i still havent ejeculated yet.... do i got a problem?
Well there are some different possibilities that can result. The first being that you have not masturbated long enough to the point where you have ejaculated. In this case just masturbate longer and possibly use a lubricant or find some other type of stimulant. Another possibility is that you have not matured to the point where you can ejaculate. In that case all you have to do is wait.

Originally Posted by gilley View Post
hey, i was wondering, why is it that when i am like in my boxers or completely naked, i get an erection?
This is probably because your penis is rubbing and moving around so much that it is causing the stimulation to become erect. It is completely normal because most guys get erections for no complete reason. It is all part of puberty.

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