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Default Paranoia

This is a personality trait rather than a mental illness but I really need a rant about it.

I keep getting these paranoid thoughts. Then I go off creating huge elaborate stories in my head about how things bad could happen. Then I end up believing them and ARGH! It's really messing with my head!

For instance - I'm finally going to be able to go and meet Nia (My girlfriend, lives far away) tomorrow. I am soooooo happy. But she's going to a party tonight and all I can think about is how she could get too drunk, stumble around and somehow kill or seriously hurt herself.

Whenever I'm ignored for even a second by my friends I get alll tense, annoyed, end up being mardy at them because I start to believe the paranoid thoughts about them. Like they're only my friends because I'm depressed.

I can't get these thoughts out of my head >_< Why won't they go away!!!?
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