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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Today, at the age of 13, I decided to explore my body and masturbate because 1. I was having strong sexual urges and 2. I was bored because I didn't have much to do because my family was out all day.
I ended up masturbating about 4 or 5 times today because it felt so good. But every time, something unexpected happened.
I felt the strong urge to pee, and when I rushed to the bathroom, I noticed this "pee" seemed to be clear and coming out of my vagina. It didn't smell of anything, and my bladder was empty every time. Once I didn't make it the the bathroom because it came on so quick, and I ended up wetting the bed I was laying on.
In fact, I ended up "peeing" like this even at a single sexual thought after masturbating a few times.
My question is, am I peeing? I've never experienced this before, and I'm worried. Am I doing something wrong?
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