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Default Re: Post Your Desktop Screenshot! - See First Post For A Guide

Originally Posted by Underage_Thinker View Post
ugg Blahages i envy u, im still rockin along on my Pentium 4 and 1.75 GB of ram
I had one of those not too long ago. Actually, I still have it. It wasn't a bad computer.

The prices went down on a lot of the things recently. The CPU I bought went down by 50% in price about 2 months ago, which is right before I bought it.

The main problem with my computer is that I pretty much have to use x64 XP. I'm not using Vista x64, at least, not anytime soon, and I can't switch entirely to Linux. I like XP a lot, but the x64 edition just annoys me with various quarks, and issues it brings up.

- Bill
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