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Default Re: Post Your Desktop Screenshot! - See First Post For A Guide

New Look for my Desktop... I change my background a lot, but this is the one I have right now...

And, for those who think you can't use 6+GB of RAM, you're lying to yourselves (Look at the Graph of the Page File (Which is running totally in RAM, I'm not using an actual Page File):

Which is also accompanied by this:

That's what happens if you have a Windows Server 2008 and a Windows XP MCE Virtual Machine running in VirtualBox at the same time, while you've randomly got 70 8.0MP Pictures (That are 1600x1050 or in most cases, higher) open at the same time.

Yay for purposefully trying to run my system out of RAM.

Yes, I know those are ridiculous circumstances. And, I really don't care.

- Bill
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