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matt im going to try and answer your questions with my OWN knowledge and not this website i have to fall back on. ok first of all.

1 - shadows - multiple shadows cast in many directions simutanelously

What your trying to say is that the shadows dont appear to be parallel like in this picture.

its not in the 2 rocks, its the shadows of the rocks and the direction of the shadow of the LM. this happens here on earth too, and all has to do with perspective. i have to go to an SAT class soon so just read this.

"The shadows are not parallel in the images because of perspective. Remember, you are looking at a three-dimensional scene, projected on a two-dimensional photograph. That causes distortions. When the Sun is low and shadows are long, objects at different distance do indeed appear to cast non-parallel shadows, even here on Earth. You can experience this for yourself; go outside on a clear day when the Sun is low in the sky and compare the direction of the shadows of near and far objects. You'll see that they appear to diverge"

2 - the flag blows inthe wind - the moon has no atmosphere - hence no wind

i needed help on number 1, but not on this one. when the astronaughts were erecting the flag, the horizontal pole that holds the flag out broke and didnt extend all the way, so the flag is crumpled

3 - dust rises and settles with every step on the moon - no gravity

all mass has gravity. u even disproved yourself with your own question because you said dust rises AND SETTLES, and to settle again there would have to be gravity (duh)

4 - no stars in the background of any footage/photograph - weird being in space

if u knew anything about photograph you would know about shutter speeds and f-stops. the moon is a very bright surface, and in order to take pictures of it a large aperture and fast shutter speed are used to block out lots of the light. consequently, since stars are dim in the first place, they dont even register on the film

5 - how canyou watch a shuttle land - when no one has been there before?

wut do you mean? we saw it land with cameras on the LM itself. i havent actually seen this footage that your talking about.... so i cant argue for it. provide a link

6 - why is the tv footage so bad when the capabilities were beyond that?

beyond that? you think that 40 years ago before most people had color television we had the broadcasting quality of today? it was a little hard with the technology back then to transmit video through radio waves in the dead of space 238,000 miles away. i mean of course nobody could of done it better than the US, but hey we werent perfect

7 - what happened to engine noise during takeoff

takeoff from the moon or earth? from the moon since thers no air theres no sound either, duh

8- why is such a small portion of the landing zone seen?

quite a bit of it is seen in the pictures i have. what are you talking about? provide examples

9- where did this land rover come from? it was dropped from the shuttle to land perfectly beside the moon rover

from what i remember when i did a report about it a few years ago the rover was hanging in a compartment underneath the LM and it just detached itself when it landed

10 - why is every photo i have ever seen perfect - working with such a bulky outfit and no real viewfinder

they spent weeks training on just how to take the pictures. that and thers thousands of pictures and u only see the good ones

11 - what about the radation belt that surronds earth? how can you travel through it and survive that, but work with a radar gun and you get testicular cancer

they passed through them in an hour. not enough time to get her. nasa did extensive testing with this and its documented the actuall amounts of dosage of radiations the astronaughts went through, cuz there were instruments on board to measure.

12 - why haven;t they returned or the russians been? it was the great space race and the russians give up so easily!

why havent who returned? the astronaughts? what are you talking about of course they returned. why havent the russians gone to the moon? beats me
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