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Default Re: I think I may have mild OCD

Originally Posted by trollFace7 View Post
so yeah.
i think i may have mild OCD. i am always redoing simple things until they are just right.

when i wash my hands, i always redo it until i think they are just right.
when i do things like adjusting the volume of something, i always turn the knob down one then up one until the "click" feels right.
i am always cleaning the floor until its just right.
when i adjust my keyboard backlight, i keeping pressing the up or down buttons (even tho the keys are maxed out or off) until i get the click that "feels right".
its the same with a lot of simple things, i must keep doing until its "right"

its kinda pissing me off but i just can't help it. i get super frustrated and/or angry when its not right. i also get frustrated and/or angry at the fact that i keep doing this all the time. forcing myself to stop usually doesn't work either.

anybody else like this or any thoughts on how i can help/stop it?

Well, I'm glad I found someone who feels exactly like me, for me it can get a bit worse, up to the point I piss off others quite allot. Don't really have any advice here, I just know the feels.

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