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Default My therapist think's I'm schizophrenic

Well, I don't think I am Schizophrenic, but my therapist seems to think it's a possibility. I'm not looking for advice, I just want to rant.

For about 2 years I have had very mind auditory hallucinations, occasionally hearing voices, quiet ones, that will often dictate a situation as it happens "the door is opening" ect ect. But since Tuesday 2 weeks ago (when I got extremely drunk and high) the voices have been getting a LOT louder and a LOT more common, I now hear them almost every day, multiple times a day, telling me to do things, sometimes hurting myself, often telling me to hurt or even kill others, but mostly they will just dictate a situation as it happens. So ye, I got extremely drunk, very, very high, and now the voices have got a lot, lot worse. I seem to have broken my mind somehow.
And for fuck sake do the voices get on my wick, I don't care that they are there, I've got used to them being there, I just wish they would make fucking sense, one second they are dictating happily, next moment they are shouting at me angrily telling me to cut myself, and to hurt people. Why can't they just be consistent! That's all I wan't, I don't care if they are there, just make them consistent!
And I haven'y been able to tell my new therapist, my old one, Dr Chick knows about it, but my new therapist, Dr B doesn't understand because every time I've gone to see him lately, my mother has insisted on being in the room with us, and I can't let her know, so I'm on my own! Arrrgghaa!

Ye, that's about it, small rant.


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