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Originally Posted by RunAwayMolly
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Hey Double Negitive,
By crazy I think Run Away Molly means out of control and getting help means talking to your parents and asking them to get you an appointment with a doctor who specializes in OCD.
I have OCD and if I were you I would take the advice even if it is just a false alarm it is better to get the help sooner than later. Believe me!
Yes, I know she means out of control, I think I might be Obsessive Compulsive, not retarded . I meant, how could it get out of control, what would happen, how would it be threatening, and at what magnitude (i.e. life threatening?) And by what would help involve, I don't mean what to do to get help, but in would I be put on medication, have a psychologist or what? Sorry about how vague I was before, It was early in the morning, and I hadn't slept... happens a lot, now that I think of it, is this another sign of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

EDIT: I took checklist from the pinned topic... I didn't even realize some of the things I did were Obsessive Compulsive symptoms eh... 17 in all
for me it became paralizing... sometimes my ocd wouldnt let me get out of bed because i kept doing everything wrong... i just didnt want to get out of bed and deal with all of the things that took control over my life... sometimes id be in the same spot for hours just trying to make sure something is the way i feel it needs to be... no fun.

the last thing about sleep isnt ocd, unless its those things that are keeping you awake... if your jsut not able to sleep your probably dealing with some insomnia which many people with ocd deal with.

Ah, I see, what about the help part... Is there medicine I'd have to take or seing a shrink or something?

P.S.-I see a quote pyramid starting.

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