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Default Re: *** Post ALL Masturbation Discussion HERE ***

Answers to the last bunch of questions:

1) First ejaculation can occur anywhere from 11-16. Age of onset doesn't mean anything other than you're able to ejaculate, that those parts are maturing. It does NOT mean you are bi, or gay.

2) The head of the penis gets red after ejaculation (actually before) because there's a rush of blood to the head just before ejaculation.

3) The head is sensitive after ejaculation just because it is, being the most sensitive part of the penis, it makes sense that it would be the most affected by orgasm.

4) The amount of time needed between orgasms is called the 'Refractory period', it's the time when the body needs to recharge before performing again. This is normal, it varies from guy to guy, and situation to situation.
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