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Originally Posted by Brandini The Great View Post
is it normal that i cant orgasm again until 30 minutes or more after my previous one? people here talk about doing 2 or more j/o sessions in a row but i cant orgasm or even feel any pleasure right after so how do they keep masturbating?
many guys are unable to jack off, and then jack off again, because they feel like they've lost all sexual interest after they've jacked off the first time. It's called the refractory period - the point where a body part cannot produce the same function again for awhile. This is completely natural and normal, and many of us feel like this, even those ones who talk about doing it 2 times in a row.

I only usually jack off right after I've already jacked off if I'm really horny. Otherwise I can't do it and I'm the same as you. You're not alone and in fact, completely normal!
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