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Originally Posted by bjl17
my name is lindy and im new to this site. I started out a while ago punching myself or scratching without drawing blood. A few days ago i took a blade across my leg and it felt pretty good. I've been doing that for a couple of days and have about 25 cuts on my leg now ( leg cos noone will see). I think it's already starting to get worse tho cos i work in a shop and take in deliveries and while i was opening boxes and noone was looking i used the blade on my hands. I dont like doing this but it feels so good and after bad days its a release. I dont know what to do now can't really talk to anyone - got one friend who used to cut who knows but don't want to burden her and i would never tell my parents cos i'm so ashamed of it. I've been to the doctor about my depression before but it took so long to pluck up the courage and i cancelled a few appointments before actually going because i felt so stupid so i don't think i'll be going back about this. :(
you shouldnt be ashamed to talk to your parents about it. but if u just really cant then i think u should talk to ur friend.

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