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I struggle with faith a lot. I used to be an innocent little Catholic boy who didn't question anything in the Bible to the extent I do now. Then in High School, as I found myself to be Bisexual, I came away from a belief in God for a while.

But two months ago (About), I was talking about religion with my friend. I thought about Death (Yeah, I'm a real ball) and if there was a God or not. A lot of the arguments for the existence of God made sense to me- Consciousness, Intelligent Design, etc. I read up on different religions to find out that seemed right for me. Everywhere I searched, I would be faced with a contradicting article- for example, one article would be about the truth of a certain religion, whilst another would bring up points to combat the former points. I was thoroughly confused.

After about two months of daily prayer, on the Sunday just past, I headed to Church for the first time in years. Despite the crying babies, I managed to enjoy myself, listening to the Priest speak. He's such a wise man and his words made sense to me. To me, right now, Jesus seems like the best guide for life, religiously. I respect all opinions obviously, whatever works for you is great, but I think this works for me.

The problem now is understanding the Bible. I have doubts about some aspects that seem far-fetched, but I'm comforted by the thought that Jesus only really lay down two commandments that needed to be followed- Love God and Love your Neighbour. Follow those, and the rest will come easily. Hence why I am still adamantly against Homophobia (Even if I were straight, I'd still be against it).

Religion is flawed, I admit that. But it's a way to understand life, to guide us through life. Obviously, people have taken it and used it for evil. But as long as I use my belief to do good, then I'll be happy.

And to conclude, I consider myself Christian as of this moment. I respect all religions, because all are ways to understand the world we live in, with beautiful teachings and cultures. We're all in this world together, so let's hope we can work together to make this place a bit more like Heaven.

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