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Originally Posted by Unicorn Dude View Post
Hmm... From what I've read here, lots of people do believe in a faith of sorts (I'm a Christian) but they claim that church is a waste of time, power hungry and, in a nut shell, a load of crap, but they still believe without the church. I can see why you would do this because lots of churches are different and sometimes don't seem to lead the way Jesus did.

But I am surprised at how many of the church-hating God-loving people there are out there. Every church I have been to has been lovely and entirely focused on love and spreading God's word the way he intended. But I guess I've only ever been to small, Aussie country town churches that are probably a lot more loving than big city churches because we all know each other personally. The big city churches seem to be focused on more contrivertial stuff that might not be what God intended.
That makes sense. Smaller churches tend to be more about community whereas larger ones tend to be more for-profit.

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